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We asked our volunteers what they enjoyed most about volunteering with us...here's what they said:

* The idea that I’m contributing to the well being of a community and an individual.

* That I can pick my hours for visiting my senior, I enjoy my time with her.

* That it provides practical help for people in the community.

* Getting to meet new people and helping to make the community a better place to live.

* Since I’ve been with the friendly visitors and realize there are a lot of lonely people out there. I feel it’s a blessing to visit with them.

* Simply being part of a helping organization and feeling I am providing value to others.

* Helping seniors to preserve their dignity and independence. Meeting them and hearing their stories. Knowing that I’m not just helping the seniors themselves but also their families who are not able to and give them some peace of mind.

* Time spent with my senior.

* I feel very lucky to have “Suzy” to visit. She has such spark and intelligence! I am impressed with how she manages and tries to do as much as possible for herself. The only thing I will have to be careful with is that our visits could go on for hours.


Quotes from participants:

"Thank you for all you do for me. I will be thinking of you on Family Day because I hold you all dear in my heart.”

"Thank you so much for your work!!!! "Helen" and I have become so close! I gave her a picture of the two of us and she put it right next to the pictures of her grandkids! It would not have been possible without you! Thank you so much!!"

"What I like best about your programs: they are a source of social connection, they provide help and recognition, they lend hope and reassurance, they are a source of social conscience, run by wonderful young (er) women."

“My life has started again since you started visiting. This is the happiest I have felt since my wife passed away, even my depression has left me.”

“I couldn’t have had anything better happen at this time… when I need it the most.”

"It's been a miracle"

" Absolutely amazing volunteers! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We truly have been blessed by your caring and kindness.."

" All these people, so kind, bring tears to my eyes."

“What is the Friendly Visitor Program”?

"I have been asked many times “what is the Friendly Visitor Volunteer Program”? My response to the question is that it gives a volunteer the “opportunity” to have a relationship with someone who needs a friend. For whatever reason, they are very much alone and welcome the volunteer into their home. Of course the volunteer enters with a friendly face, an open heart, willing to accept them in their situation.

I have had the most enriching experience being a “friendly visitor” to a wonderful lady. My lady is one hundred years (young), and I have to say young because her attitude and whole being is young at heart and positive about life. She loves animals and asked me to bring my Jack Russell puppy when I visit. She has trained my puppy to “sit” perfectly, and has developed such a bond with her it brings joy to my heart.

The reason I know we have also developed a huge bond is when I arrive the following week, my lady says, “it seems much longer than a week since I`ve seen you last”, and when I leave after our visit together I give her a big hug, and she says, “I look forward to this all week”.

I have been so blessed to have been placed with this very “special person”. I have never been in the presence of a much older person and she has taught me so much. We tend to forget older people need a connection to our world, they need to be listened to, they need to laugh, they need to love and be loved. Not only do they need this connection, but we do also. This lovely lady has given me this tenfold! I was also in the need of a friend and she has become my treasure.

Getting back to “What is the Friendly Visitor Volunteer Program”? It is all of the above."

**The Friendly Visitor program is now part of the Better at Home program.